I didn’t believe I was in labour because I was able to easily breathe and get through each surge without any stress.

Mum Giulia attended one of my courses as she was wanting to learn tools and techniques to make this a different experience to her first birth a few years prior. John didn’t know much about hypnobirthing to begin with but soon became a great birth partner. They went on to have a very positive birthing experience with their baby boy Max…

max fois 2

“Hi Kerry
Just a little update 😊

Max was born on the 13/12/18 at 4.18pm.  I woke up at 7am with mild period pain cramps and waters leaking.  I went about my day as usual even going shopping at Kmart. I didn’t believe I was in labour until 3pm because I was able to easily breathe and get through each surge without any stress.

I stayed upright the whole day, I was walking, bouncing on the gym ball, massaging clary sage, diffuser on. When 3pm came I felt the pressure and thought wow I must be in labour I think he’s coming so off we went to hospital. We arrived at the hospital around 3.30 and that’s when I had that “I can’t do this moment”.

John was amazing he used the techniques he learnt in the classes to help me get through that 1 bad hour.  When I arrived at the hospital I was worried I wasn’t dilating like I didn’t in my first birth so I gave permission for the midwife to examine me and she said I was 8cm dilated and after that my body just did what it needed to do.

Max was born in the birth pool at 4.18pm after 15 minutes of pushing.  I must admit during that pushing stage everything went out the window and I just kept saying sorry because I wasn’t staying quiet haha.  I felt his head as he was crowning and I’ll never forget it.  When he came out I scooped him up but as I did that the cord snapped and sadly the blood in the cord was lost.  In the moment I was upset because I wanted delayed cord clamping but the joy of holding him topped everything.

max (giulia fois)

Those first moments of skin to skin contact with him and being able to hold him for hours before they did all their assessments was great.  We arrived home 4 hours after delivery and it was definitely the best birth experience even if not everything went to plan.”

Giulia & John – parent to baby Max.

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