I could not have asked for a better birth and I know for a fact that was due to the hypnobirthing class!

It’s never too late to do a Hypnobirthing Australia course. This couple attended with just a few weeks left until their estimated due date and this is the birth they went on to have…

“Hi Kerry,

Sorry for delay in response, but so glad to be able to email you news of Alistair Edward Collins born today, 4 August @ 11.51am.
alistair fremlin 2
I could not have asked for a better birth and I know for a fact that was due to the hypnobirthing class!
I went into labour (exactly one week before estimated due date) at around 1am this morning, waters broke around an hour and a half later. I laboured at home until 9am, using Aromatherapy, birth ball and music/affirmations.
We arrived at the hospital around 10am, 9cm dilated! After just under two hours of stronger surges and doing my best with my breathing during the bearing down phase we had a beautiful healthy baby boy! I had a second degree tear, but no medical/pain interventions at all, not even a Panadol at home!
It was super challenging to stay focused on breathing techniques/relaxation etc during the bearing down phase, I think I said ‘I can’t do this’ around 50 times, but I firmly believe the prep I did thanks to the hypnobirthing course, particularly envisaging the kind of birth we wanted and being kind to ourselves and bonding with baby really set us up for the incredible birth we had.
Thank you!!!”
Fiona & Anthony – proud parents to Alistair
alistair fremlin 4

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