The ANZAC Day homebirth of baby girl Maavi!


During the hypnobirthing and childbirth education course, Severin & Nick expressed their desire to explore the idea of a home-birth and after they completed the Hypnobirthing Australia course with me they went away and were able to change their birthing scenario and find a home-birth midwife.

Below is the message I received from Sev and Nick, proud new parents to baby girl Maavi….

Hi Kerry,

Little Maavi would like to say Hi.
She arrived on ANZAC Day peacefully at our home with the support of our amazing midwife and doula. She is happy and healthy and has a good set of lungs. So far it’s been a wonderful ride, she is very contented.
I felt so empowered that I could prepare for birth (who know if that was the reason why it went so well). To prepare for birth I did the hypnobirthing meditations very regularly, almost every night (with just a few exceptions),  the spinning babies three sisters techniques from fairly early on to make sure bubs was in a good position, I went to chiro appointments towards the end to make sure my hips and pelvis were well aligned, I ate healthy supported with raspberry leaf tea and ate dates towards the end. 
The birth went fairly quick for first time mums (so they said)…I had early labour signs starting in the morning, went for breakfast with a friend, went to a chiro appointment at 3pm. Once back home it didn’t take long and it ramped up (around 4:30pm), with quite some throwing up too.
My midwife and doula arrived at 7pm, and I was in the pool around 8:30pm.
On the day to have a quiet, comfortable and “dark” setting with no vaginal exams or other disturbances was so important to me. I wouldn’t have thought that before, but even the midwife putting the Doppler on now and then to check on the baby was a “break” from the normal flow and I realised that, I can’t imagine how it would have been in a hospital with lots of machines ticking next to me or be monitored the whole time. The thought of someone checking my dilation  between my contractions is so so foreign and would for sure have changed my progress in that moment. So it is so true what you teach in your course about how important the environment is, I fully understood that during the class and it made sense, but it was so eye opening to really see that working during the birth itself.
At 9:30pm Maavi arrived and circa 70min later the placenta.
I definitely wasn’t the “tranquil birth” like we saw in the video, rather the opposite. It was very primal. Nick is just happy he still has all fingers as I apparently developed some super powers during the “pool party”.
We are so so happy with the choice we have taken and again would like to thank you so much as your course was the ignition to that path. We can just 100% “endorse” a homebirth.
We haven’t ventured too far from the bed yet so the below are the only pics to show her off 🙂
Thanks Sev and Nick”

I’m even looking forward to having an even better birth experience if we’re blessed with a second baby

Here is the latest birth story from proud parents Dannielle and Brendan on the birth of their baby boy James…


“Hi Kerry,

Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed our beautiful baby boy James Walter Duval to the world! He was born at 3:08am on Sunday April 7.

dannielle duval 1

Labour was fast! 4 hours from membranes releasing to meeting baby James so I didn’t have a lot of time to employ all the hypnobirthing techniques but I breathed through and got there with no epidural, just a bit of gas. We had a midwife from the birth centre with us in delivery ward and she and Brendan were working so well together to help me. Brendan said I was very good at breathing “down” haha. 

We’re all doing really well at home now and enjoying our new little family member! He was due yesterday and we took him to one of best friends weddings, Brendan was a groomsman so very happy we got to go! 

dannielle duval 8.JPG

The more I think about it, I still can’t believe I did it! And I’m a mum now!! But I did, and how cool is that! I’d recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone preparing for birth – even though things went quick for me and I did feel overwhelmed at times – just preparing for birth with a calm mind and trying to let go of fear that I felt (we did one last fear release exercise the night I went into labour – I must’ve known something was coming haha) made a big difference for me I think. It gave me confidence that I could do it before I had to and I did have my doubts during labour when things got really intense but I’m sure without the course I would’ve been less equipped to handle what my body and mind was going through.

 in a year or so (even though everyone is saying I might have an EXTREMELY short labour next time haha). 

Here’s a couple more pics after birth – Brendan took these like 3 mins after James was born. And one of our whole family (fur baby Ziggy included) on our first trip to the park.

Look forward to seeing you at the next coffee and cuddles catch up 🙂 

Dannielle (mummy to baby James)



A marathon birth with baby calm and relaxed throughout.

“Our baby girl finally arrived on 4 April, at 41+3.  Meet Lilith Clementine Fawcett Hand.
She came after three days of contractions with no sleep. We discovered in the second stage after I had been bearing down for two hours that she was posterior! I kept pushing her down and she kept going back up…
After the first two nights and heading into the third  I had to pull out all the stops to move my labour along, despite the fatigue. My contractions had been irregular and slowed down so I did squats and other movements to bring on active labour. Then I was straight back into the birth centre and headed directly for the bath for some relief! Ollie and I were so tired we were both nodding off between contractions.
I was so close to having baby in the water like I wanted, but when it was discovered she was posterior I had an epidural, a half hour sleep, and resumed pushing so that she could be a forceps delivery. I ended up pushing for about 6 hours all up.
It was a marathon but I’m glad we got as far as we did. Our baby stayed calm and relaxed throughout, I had all of Ollie’s love and support, and the midwives and doctors were amazing, understanding and respecting our preferences. I won’t ever forget Ollie practically lunging across the theatre to ensure they did delayed cord clamping.
Hypnobirthing was great preparation as a couple, thank you. You never know how labour is going to go so it’s good to have a range of tools to draw strength from no matter what.
Beck and Ollie”

The birth of beautiful baby Ahelia…

“Our baby girl Ahelia was born a few weeks ago and it can only be described as a GREAT birth!

ahelia david 5

My membranes released on a Saturday night but with no signs of labour so I spent the Sunday doing lots of things to encourage the onset of labour. The obstetricians and midwives who cared for me were aware of my wishes for birth and gave me time to see if labour would start spontaneously. Due to the time since my waters had released I was administered antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

ahelia david 1

At 1:30am on the Monday morning I started having waves and found myself going into spontaneous labour. At 7:30am I was 3cm and agreed to have my labour augmented. The surges now became much stronger and I used my hypnobirthing techniques to remain calm. Marvin was with me every step of the way and was a wonderful birth partner, and I had my mum massaging me – I actually managed to fall asleep!

My baby’s heartrate remained good throughout – I felt calm and baby felt calm. The midwife was aware of my hypnobirthing approach and was respectful and supportive at all times. At times when I felt like I was going “off-track” they would help to refocus me.

The pushing stage was less than an hour and I did it all without an epidural. That was one of my main goals and so many people commented on how well I coped. The labour from the start of my surges until Ahelia was born was about 12 hours.

ahelia david 2   ahelia david 3

I feel positive and so happy and really feel like my body and my baby were working together! I had 2 hours of skin-to-skin after she was born and the whole experience was pretty amazing! Ahelia has been such a great baby so far – she even calms down when we put the hypnobirthing tracks on!

Marvin has taken to fatherhood so well, he is so involved and it was great to have my mum with me too – she was so proud of me and my family have been such a great help since Ahelia was born. She is such a content little baby and the hypnobirthing techniques you taught us can really transform the birth experience into an amazing one!”

Verna & Marvin – parents to baby Ahelia

ahelia david 4.JPG

The Birth Story of ARIEL BLAIZE, in the words of her mum, Betty.

ariel - betty judd2
“I was convinced that I would go into labour after my 40th week, as it was my first full term pregnancy and people never held back telling me how small my bump looked. It came as a great surprise to me that on the same night we finally sorted out the house (I was 39+2 days), I began to have that old familiar feeling of period pain cramps .
Over the course of a few hours, the feeling became more distinct and I began to have moderately uncomfortable surges that lasted for a minute and were arriving every 5 minutes.
I rang the birth centre and they convinced me to stay home and have a panadol and a bath, which I did with my Hypnobirthing track playing and tried to get some sleep. I slept through the night and the next morning, all that remained was a mild cramping feeling.
I went to have acupuncture, ate a hot curry, had sex, diffused some clary sage oil and the same thing happened — the surges returned that evening, 5 minutes apart, painful but tolerable. They seemed to come on especially strongly when my husband touched and held me. Day three, I woke up determined to bring on active labour. We went on a bushwalk for an hour, listening to the birds and the wind moving through the trees. I hugged my husband Billy and confided that maybe I was deep-down afraid that I couldn’t do it, that maybe I wasn’t as strong as I was telling myself. He talked me back round, reminded me of all the preparation I’d been doing and that I could only do one moment at a time.
After a similar night, we went to the Birth Centre on the morning of Day 4 for our scheduled check-up. I felt emotionally exhausted from the pain and anticipation. The midwife suggested that since we had “tried” everything, perhaps we should consider embracing the unknown and not “trying”. 
That evening, I was watching a documentary about birth in a dark, cosy room and at 6:30pm I felt something swell inside me and pop. Just like in the movies, I had a huge gush as my membranes released.
We were so ready.
I kneeled in the shower listening to my track as my surges ramped up to 3 minutes apart. We called RPA and they told us it was time to come in. Billy put our bags went in the car, I put the TENS machine on my back (the pads were held to my skin with band aids after four days of use!) and an eye mask and Billy drove us carefully to the hospital. I was checked over when we arrived and shortly after we were ushered into the birthing suite.
My close friend Scott came to meet us there. I wanted him there as a support for Billy because potentially this could take a really long time. Billy set up some low light and put up some pictures of our family and cat and the midwife filled the tub.
We played the Affirmations and Surge Of The Sea over the speakers. The water gave me lots of pain relief and after only 2 hours, I felt a deeper pressure and a need to shift positions. The midwife encouraged me to listen to my body and never told me to push.
I just breathed through this different feeling and felt the baby descend. The midwife suggested that I reach inside and feel for our babies head and when I did I was amazed — their little head was only a few centimetres away.
In the last few surges, I used all my effort to bring her down. Her head was born, then with after two more surges, her body was born.
We were so stunned we forgot to check the sex of our baby, so both of us shrieked when we saw that she was a baby girl! She looked around the room, not crying just deeply taking everything in. Within 10 minutes, she had firmly latched to my breast.
The placenta took close to an hour to come out and my surges had subsided so the midwife gave me an injection to bring and shortly thereafter it came out intact. I had no tearing, just a minor graze.
ariel - betty judd
I held our beautiful baby girl, Ariel Blaize Judd in my arms, she was a sizeable 3.68kgs and 53cm long, the perfect size for my body. 
I felt high on love and absolutely empowered by the experience. And still do! We are loving every moment we have with our gorgeous little girl. Thank you so much for giving us the tools and knowledge to approach this birth with calm confidence. I would wish for anyone to have this same opportunity.”
Love and many thanks,
Betty, Billy and Ariel Judd.
ariel - betty judd3

From 4cm to holding her baby within an hour – “everything went extremely smoothly at birth”!

Read this wonderful account by Tina who arrived at the hospital at 4cm dilated and was holding her baby within an hour!


“Hi Kerry

Lovely to hear from you.

Baby girl Olena arrived over 2 weeks ago at 40+4 weeks, on the night before the hospital booked me in to see the obstetrician to talk about induction options.

I had a minor case of Gestational diabetes, which meant I was moved to the delivery ward system… and they had  only let me go back to the Birth Centre system toward the end of pregnancy on the condition that baby should come by 40 weeks. Otherwise induction.

As it turned out everything went extremely smoothly at birth. Spontaneous water birth. Arrived at hospital 4cm dilated and she was birthed within one hour of arriving at hospital! Very fast and intense.

She popped out from head to toe, all in one enormous surge. BEN caught her in the bath. No stitches needed. She was born with very high Apgar score and breastfed immediately.

I definitely used all the tools and techniques we learnt in hypnobirthing with you. 

Had the Tranquil Chambers Soundtrack playing throughout the one hour at hospital and thereafter.  And Melissa’s voice playing in lead up to going to hospital.

BEN was a fantastic birth partner“.

Tina – mum to baby Olena.

“I can’t recommend hypnobirthing enough … I had the most amazing waterbirth with no intervention!”

First-time mum Aisling describes her AMAZING birth…

I could not recommend Hypnobirthing and the work that Kerry does any more, as a way to prepare for labour and birth.

As a first time mum, I was very fortunate to be put in contact with Kerry through researching Hypnobirthing Australia during my second trimester.
Kerry informed me of my natural birthing options, importance of an active labour, natural pain relief options and the vital role a partner plays as an advocate during birth to name but a few.
Her guidance and passion for hypnobirthing helped inform all our decisions, and as a result I had the most amazing water birth experience, with no intervention!!!

I am now a proud mum to a beautiful baby boy!

I wanted to share my experience to spread awareness that there is such thing as a positive natural birth, for both you and your partner and how informing ourselves gives us the confidence to follow our gut instincts and know, we have options!

Thank you Kerry! :)”


Using hypnobirthing for a happy birth when it isn’t the circumstances you imagined.

Mum Jodi tells us here about how despite wanting a vaginal birth, she still had a positive birthing experience overall. Towards the end of pregnancy Jodi had been prepped for the possibility of a caesarean birth due to a few factors so was aware this may be the way her baby would be born..

“Hi Kerry

Our son Clarence was born by c section on 17 December but I think it ended up being a positive experience overall. 
Even though I felt like we’d made the right choice and did feel like it was my choice for the caesarean, I was still scared a little during the surgery. The scariest part was the anaesthetic, but I did try to focus on the bubble of comfort.
The surgery went smoothly even though it felt like an out-of-body way to have a baby. But we still managed to have some of our requests met. Steven was able to announce the gender and cut the cord. And the midwife, Bree, was great and helped me do skin to skin and start breastfeeding even though the drugs started making me drowsy and not really with it after a while, so I couldn’t hold onto him.
And Clarence came out fine, fully cooked with no issues with breathing or anything and didn’t seem phased by being yanked out butt-first into the world, so all well from that point of view.

Not the birth I’d imagined, but Clarence and I are both well and I’m happy with the way things turned out. And I can still try for a vaginal birth with my next baby. 

Thanks for all your advice and words of comfort during this whole process.”

I didn’t believe I was in labour because I was able to easily breathe and get through each surge without any stress.

Mum Giulia attended one of my courses as she was wanting to learn tools and techniques to make this a different experience to her first birth a few years prior. John didn’t know much about hypnobirthing to begin with but soon became a great birth partner. They went on to have a very positive birthing experience with their baby boy Max…

max fois 2

“Hi Kerry
Just a little update 😊

Max was born on the 13/12/18 at 4.18pm.  I woke up at 7am with mild period pain cramps and waters leaking.  I went about my day as usual even going shopping at Kmart. I didn’t believe I was in labour until 3pm because I was able to easily breathe and get through each surge without any stress.

I stayed upright the whole day, I was walking, bouncing on the gym ball, massaging clary sage, diffuser on. When 3pm came I felt the pressure and thought wow I must be in labour I think he’s coming so off we went to hospital. We arrived at the hospital around 3.30 and that’s when I had that “I can’t do this moment”.

John was amazing he used the techniques he learnt in the classes to help me get through that 1 bad hour.  When I arrived at the hospital I was worried I wasn’t dilating like I didn’t in my first birth so I gave permission for the midwife to examine me and she said I was 8cm dilated and after that my body just did what it needed to do.

Max was born in the birth pool at 4.18pm after 15 minutes of pushing.  I must admit during that pushing stage everything went out the window and I just kept saying sorry because I wasn’t staying quiet haha.  I felt his head as he was crowning and I’ll never forget it.  When he came out I scooped him up but as I did that the cord snapped and sadly the blood in the cord was lost.  In the moment I was upset because I wanted delayed cord clamping but the joy of holding him topped everything.

max (giulia fois)

Those first moments of skin to skin contact with him and being able to hold him for hours before they did all their assessments was great.  We arrived home 4 hours after delivery and it was definitely the best birth experience even if not everything went to plan.”

Giulia & John – parent to baby Max.

When your dreams of an amazing birth come true…

Here is the birth story of first-time parents Lixia and Faisal. Faisal is a doctor who initially was a little sceptical of hypnobirthing but who was sure he wanted to support Lixia in whatever way she wanted for the birth of their baby. They made a wonderful birthing team and enjoyed an amazing birth when meeting their son…

taha 3

“A blessed magical birth by Lixia and Faisal….

To have a normal vagina birth is everyone’s dream and certainly it’s ours too. But words from all of my friends and family are that to have a perfect birth only happens in fairy-tales. I do not want to think of it this way though. Hence I tried to search around for the many births everywhere in the world and finally when I come to know about water-birth and hypnobirthing, I was elated. Then when I come to know that it is supported here in Australia, I got even more excited!

The time finally arrived that me and my hubby got pregnant. From the start of my pregnancy, I started to look around for hypnobirthing classes available around my area. Eventually we found Ms Kerry Sutcliffe from The Hypnobirthing Mum.

Nothing is enough to express how grateful we are for her class and guidance, even following the class, towards our birth journey. She has given us a hope that we can have a fulfilling and joyous birth too.

My labour began at exactly on the 1st day of wk39. I got woken up with mild squeezes in my tummy, similar to that of menses cramp from 5am. I was still able to rest on the bed, listening to the relaxation music provided from the hypnobirthing class. As the duration of every waves got more intense and frequent, I began to walk around the home, sat on the ball and had to start using the TENS machine in the end before we left for the hospital. It remained on me along the way to the hospital which really helped to divert every discomfort especially at every turns and bumps of the drive. All of these relaxation tips wouldn’t have been known to us without Kerry’s class.

I also kept thinking of the affirmations I’ve learnt at Kerry’s class. From there, I’ve learnt to write my own affirmations onto sticky labels, then sticking them at every corners of my home so I could read them whenever I see them. I was told that this can help to tune my thought process that I will be able to have a safe vaginal birth. Indeed I did.

At the hospital, I was blessed with my midwives who remained with us throughout the birth process. They spent time chatting with us and providing ideas on how to relax. A waterproof mobile monitoring machine was also hooked up around my belly which was really useful as I was then able to keep moving.

During the cooling periods in between the surges, sitting down or resting on the bed got uncomfortable so I would walk around my room instead. Also, I never stopped using the TENS machine. I would also walk towards my affirmations sticky labels which I had them pasted onto the toilet door so that I could read them. They all reminded me of my strength and the power which I knew I certainly have. I just need to keep remembering it. One especially made me relaxed: “I am safe. My baby is safe.”

During the surges, I would either lean onto the wall or onto my hubby, took deep breaths and concentrate on not tightening my jaw to stay relaxed. If I tensed up, the pressure could get intolerable. Surprisingly, I prefer to lean onto my hubby. Smelling him really made me more relaxed and loved. He would hug me, rub me, give me massages and apply pressure at the acupuncture points. We were given printouts on them by Kerry which we brought along with us for the labour and they really came in handy!

Shortly after when my water broke, the surges became urges to bear down. I started to sit on the birth ball with the level of my TENs machine turned up. My midwife had been so nice by helping me to press my acupuncture points too. About another hr later, I decided to go into the water and immediately I started to bear down. Soon after my doctor came and she stayed with me for the next 2hrs, which I’m so grateful of. I was in my own zone, doing whatever I could, growling with every might I had at every breath. Nothing beats the power of positivity. All I could hear are the encouragements from everyone there. These are exactly what I need to believe that we can do it.

And we did! Everyone, especially my hubby, myself and our bub have done it all together to make it happen.

Our bub got born naturally in the water, peaceful and calm. We have had the most amazing non-medicated birthing experience which we cannot imagine we would ever have if we did not attend the hypnobirthing class.

Moreover, we wouldn’t have done it without the constant support from my obstetrician and midwives.The most amazing and miraculous part was that I have sustained only a few grazes and no tear, thus would not require any stitches at all! 🙂

Then there is the everlasting love from my hubby that gives me the force to go on. He is always with me at every appointment, is always staying with me all along throughout the birth, is always staying in the hospital with us……never ever have left me and bub alone. He is my superhero!

Now we know that fairy-tales do happen in reality too. It is just whether you want the magic to happen or not. We certainly feel so empowered from the whole experience. Thank you Kerry for making our dreams come true.”